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Model: Krystal K

Rock N Roll Land is the one and only Wisconsin Skinny Clothing store, so check them out!!!

I am not selling online anymore so please contact Rock n Roll Land for available items.


Rock n Roll Land 504 S. Military Ave, Green Bay,WI


Something new I added was the "story page" It gives you an in depth story to how Wisconsin Skinny got started.


As I always say... "Wisconsin Skinny is about good ole fashion pride, believing in yourself and what you stand for. When did being different become a bad thing?"







Check out Wisconsin Skinny Clothing at Rock'n'Roll Land and one of my favorite bands that also wears the Skinny, Hillbilly Casino !

As you may have noticed Wisconsin Skinny has scaled way back on clothing. With a tough economy it was getting tough trying to make a living off this wonderful clothing company so instead of calling it quits I'm going on a small hiatus with hopes of revamping in the future. The following stores will be carrying limited edition Wisconsin Skinny Clothing till it's out!

Rock n Roll Land 504 S. Military Ave, Green Bay,WI

Check out the catalog, many of these items still exist, you just need to call the above mentioned stores!



CHECK IT OUT! Next month issue of The Petite Alternative Magazine will have an incredible ad for Wisconsin Skinny Clothing. This is an awesome magazine that's going to be huge soon!





For wholesale inquiry, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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